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1. Watch a project video (or two)

…on how to use an iPad for digital arts

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3. Purchase premium supplies

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Wreath Brush Set*Please see our terms for details.

Oh, the Possibilities!

There are so many things to create and print.

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  • Designed for artists of all levels
  • About sharing. It's true, we encourage you to share your purchases with one other person*
  • Meant to support your business—you and your plus-one may make and sell products with art and digital goods (like, digital scrapbook paper) you've made using our products*
  • Supported by Liz and a growing library of easy-to-follow tutorials
*Please see our License Terms for details.

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Looking for Some Gift-Giving Advice?

Our wreath brushes are quite popular

Four of My (Liz’s) Favorites

Our newest addition to the product line up (and one of my favorite products) is our stipple brush set. I just couldn’t find a set I loved, so I made one! Then there’s the vignette stamp sets—they’re like having instant, but customizable, art that’s perfect for the wall or cards. Plus, there’s just something about those Fall Poppies I can’t resist. And, don’t get me started about, the watercolor set. It was made for painting specific flower types, leaves, and stems and are one of my favorite for digital painting. Finally, there’s just something about the groovy patterns set that makes me smile.